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To taste Nikki’s Foods is to partake in culinary decadence rooted in rich traditions that have been passed down and honored for generations. This palatable delight hails from the island of Hispaniola which was once known as the pearl of the Antilles. Occupying the Western half of the island, it was so named by the Natives to mean “Land of many Mountains”. Nikki’s family heritage is from Bainet which is a mountainous village in Haiti with sweeping views of verdant valleys dissolving into white sandy beaches.



As innovations are often an outgrowth of necessity, Nikki’s Marinade was born out of a mother’s need to feed her family in the face of scarcity. It was in meeting this very present and existential threat that the first iteration of Nikki’s Marinade was conceived. Because of the Marinade, Nikki’s grandmother’s food garnered much praise and adulation from the community and she developed a loyal following that propelled her into prominence as a culinary sensation.


A lot of things have changed since our humble beginning, but our values have not. While our proprietary recipes remain a closely guarded family secret, one thing that is evident with every jar is that the quality and freshness of our product is undeniable. From product selection to the sealing process, we go through great lengths to ensure that your family receives the all-natural freshness of nature’s bounty. This is why we select locally sourced, vine ripened products from ecologically responsible growers and vendors.

Each recipe draws its inspiration from an uncompromising desire to produce a truly artisan creation with cultural resonance. Because we know meals together with friends and family is more than just sustenance; it is a window to bask in the luxury of togetherness, discover new pleasures and relive sweet memories of days gone by. Try Nikki’s Products and indulge your senses in the various blends to be savored with delight and relish.

From my Family to yours.

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