To Ginger or Not to Ginger

August 17, 2017


People would always ask me," What goes well with your Ginger&Herbs Marinade or how much flavor can you really get out of Ginger?"  WELL!!  My marinades are truly delicious and definitely enhances the flavors of any meal, Guaranteed.  Nikki's Marinade Ginger&Herbs is great on salmon, lamb, vegetables, poultry, oxtails and many more.   So when you pair Nikki's Marinade Ginger&Herbs with any meal, the flavors are explosive.


Fresh ginger is more pronounced than dried, sporting heavy citrus, even an acidic taste.    Ginger is pale yellow in color and should have a pungent, spicy smell to indicate freshness.   Ginger is popular in Asian, Indian, Caribbean and many other cuisines.  Ginger also have many health benefits as well.


 So to answer your question To Ginger or Not to Ginger, the answer is absolutely YES!    ( Order your jars Today!


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